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The world of work is changing and many companies are now engaging flexible workforces and new ways of managing talent.

The new world of work brings many benefits but also creates greater complexities, costs and risks for enterprises.

Why use a Contractor Management Organization?

A Contractor Management Organization reduce risks, costs and improve contingent workforce governance and processes for many of the worlds leading enterprises.

Ideally, the Contractor Management Organization is vendor-neutral with risk and cost reduction as core competencies.

Many have proven methodologies for establishing contingent workforce control and ensuring that all contractors are fully compliant with local legislation and global standards.

4 ways a Contractor Management Organization like
CXC Global adds value


3 steps to best practice

The shift from hiring permanent staff to leveraging contract staff has caught many organizations off guard – frequently incurring additional costs and exposing themselves to unnecessary risks.

Many hiring managers improvise inefficient processes to manage their contract talent needs, resulting in multiple (and often redundant) vendor relationships, non-uniform pricing, uncertain compliance status, and tremendous overall losses in time and money. Moreover the loss of talent and ongoing engagement of this most critical element of the workforce can lead to increased costs and at worst, a material loss of competitive advantage.

So how do you leverage the many benefits such a model has to offer?

The best way to answer this question is to consider the three distinct steps used by a Contractor Management Organization:

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