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Finding the right talent for your projects is the first step in establishing relationships with contract workers. Typical methods of sourcing include:

  • In-house: Referrals from current staff and hiring managers
  • In-House: Internal talent management programs
  • Introduction via recruitment companies
  • Introduction via Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)


Due to lack of specialist skills, organizations using in-house sourcing or recruitment usually experience lower rates of compliance, higher costs, longer times to induct and longer fill times.

For these reasons, outsourcing the introduction of contract workers usually provides better outcomes.

Using a Single Recruiter

Single supplier strategies are best focused on homogeneous skill sets, where the supplier is a true specialist and the client can leverage their buying power to negotiate favorable arrangements.

Companies can gain economies of scale by using a single sourcing strategy. However, where there is a mix of skills required, this may not deliver the best outcome. Rarely does one supplier have the necessary reach, expertise, skill and knowledge to provide the best professionals across such a diverse need.

Using Multiple Recruiters

Using multiple suppliers for your recruitment provides you with far greater options. Contract workers can be utilized in many facets of business, including technology, accounting, office support and engineering and industrial roles.

With all this talent coming from different sources, it’s easy to see how companies can end up with a multitude of systems, processes, policies and practices to accommodate this mix.

Using Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

With contractors being sourced from different pools (In-house and multiple recruiters) companies can end up overloaded by administration.

RPO streamlines and simplifies the administration and reporting of sourcing and recruitment by consolidating processes into one system. Uniform policies and practices increase efficiency while reducing compliance risk, time to fill and most importantly the cost of talent acquisition.

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The benefits of vendor neutral RPO:

  • Transparency of recruiter margins
  • The tiering of recruitment agencies
  • Consolidated reporting of rates by skill level

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