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Contractor Management

Simplify, Trust, Comply, Relax


Simplify your administration

Our web-based apps simplify managing your timesheets, pay slips, leave calculations, benefits and more.

Trust that your payroll is made on time, every time

We prioritize your peace of mind. With a focus on accuracy, reliability and accountability, our payroll track record is unrivaled.

Comply with the local employment and tax laws

All of our solutions are fully compliant. We specialize in protecting our contractors from the pitfalls on non-compliance. Non-compliance can result in being banned from working, deportation, or worse…

Relax knowing that you are being taken care of by a local team of
HR professionals

Focus on your career and work in hand – let us manage your administration, risk and compliance.

What sets us apart is our team of professionals addressing all issues associated with contracting.

Our services start with pre-employment advisory services that identify and resolve potential immigration issues. Our on-boarding services reduce uncertainty during contract negotiations and reduce the stress of arriving in a foreign country. Our Contractor Care is a maintenance program that addresses your work life balance.

With 10 local offices in Asia, we offer our contractors dedicated in-country support

  • Visa services (Immigration & Work Permit)
  • On-boarding
  • Compliance & Risk
  • Local Tax Registration
  • Medical insurance and extraction coverage
  • Timesheets
  • Invoicing and Billing
  • Local Payroll
  • Tax management
  • Off-boarding

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What’s next?

CXC is a not a recruitment agency

We do not recruit, operate as a talent pool/job bank or manage contractors without sponsorship of an employer.

10 offices in Asia

Despite being a global company, we appreciate that a bit of local knowledge can go a long way. That’s why we have dedicated representatives in every single country we operate in. Each office is on hand to provide you with the benefit of their expert local experience.

If you have an existing contracting opportunity and are looking for a Contractor Management Organization, please contact us to help you Simplify, Trust, Comply, Relax.

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