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The world of work is changing

Many companies are implementing flexible workforces and new ways of managing talent. A recent U.S. Government Accountability Office report indicates that as high as 40% of the U.S. workforce is employed as contingent workers. This report also acknowledges that the definition of contingent workers is not universally agreed upon and the employment data varies with different sources; however, the trend is undeniable.

The shift to a flexible workforce is also true in Asia

In a 2014 Staffing Industry Analysis (SIA) survey responders from Asia say their share of contingent (contractor) workforce was 22%, and they expect that share to grow to 25% by 2016 and 30% by 2024.


The SIA study highlights the skill types fueling the contingent workforce growth:

“Over the next ten years, the types of contingent labor likely to see the biggest increase are high‐skilled occupations, Statement of Work (SOW), offshore labor and outsourced functions; least likely to see increased usage are low‐skilled occupations.

Overwhelmingly, the biggest concern buyers have with respect to contingent labor over the next ten years is skill shortage.“

More info: Contingent Workforce growth and forecasting in Asia

Sector Analysis


Source: In March 2015, CXC Global commissioned a third party research project on the key drivers for Contingent Workforce adoption in Asia.

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