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Winning the talent war

There has been a major shift in the war for talent. The employment landscape has shifted from operating a business using a full complement of permanent employees to managing a small, core group of employees while outsourcing as much as possible and using a flexible (contingent) workforce to fill in the talent gaps. To keep pace with the ever-changing talent landscape, there is an urgent need for new ways of managing the flexible workforce and recruiting to build and maintain a ready talent pool.

Contractor Management Outsourcing

The contingent workforce is growing steadily. The latest U.S. Government Accountability Office report estimates the contingent workforce in the US represents 40% of the total workforce.

Ignore the trend or worse yet, not understanding the implications of hiring a contingent workforce can be disruptive to a solid business plan.

Contractor management is our core competency. We reduce employment misclassification risk, immigration and work permit risk, payroll miscalculation risk and professional liability risk.

Utilizing our full range of compliant Contractor Management products, we will consult with you to develop the custom solution that will work for you. Our menu of Contractor Management services start with immigration assistance, On-boarding, insurance coverage (health and Professional Liability), payroll, Contractor Care and finish with Off-boarding.

Learn more about our Contractor Management services.

Our knowledgeable local staff understands that contractors often need to be deployed in very tight time frames. When you work with us, you will feel confident that your Contractors and their employment details are being effectively and professionally dealt with on a timely basis.

Learn more about the benefits of Contractor Management Outsourcing.

Finding contractors – Sourcing Talent

  • Benchmarking, fees & scope
  • Ratecard management

Hiring contractors – Engaging Talent

  • Supply chain management
  • Contractor offer
  • Contract Management
  • Legal & compliance management

Contractor management – Managing Talent

  • Onboarding (insurances, tax)
  • Contractor care
  • Timesheets
  • Expense reimbursement management
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Supplier invoicing & payment
  • Contractor tax management
  • Offboarding
  • Reporting & analytics

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4 ways CXC’s Contractor Management Oursourcing adds value


Talent pool development and management

Winning the war for talent requires developing and maintaining a ready pool of talent. Collecting CVs using Monster or LinkedIn does not constitute a talent pool.

What is a talent pool? According to one Internet definition:
“A talent pool is a database of everyone that has ever applied to a recruiter’s jobs, regardless of relevance. It facilitates one-sided communication.”

We believe it is more constructive to view a talent pool as:
“targeted groups of available internal and external candidates who have been pre-screened, pre-assessed and are available to work.”

Our team of advisors can help design and manage the process that forecasts the need for talent, fosters talent pool development, assesses previous and current candidates and builds a talent community.

Learn more about Talent pool development.

Risk & Compliance

We employ all contractors on your behalf, completely mitigating yourself from risk.

We ensure all your contractors are compliant with country specific employment and payroll laws. We also provide each contractor with Professional Indemnity cover and Professional liability insurance.

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Our free eBook will give you insight into managing a more flexible workforce and provide best practices to source, engage and manage contractors.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

One of the challenges when implementing and managing a flexible workforce is the need for the recruitment process to be equally as flexible. Many companies have successfully used RPO to deliver scalable recruitment delivery depending on the need for talent. Let us help you design a custom process that delivers talent on demand.

Our team of on-site and off-site recruitment advisors can design a highly scalable and consultative recruitment service that holistically incorporates and/or transforms the existing recruitment process flow to optimize hiring results.

Our custom RPO solutions can be tailored to manage the entire talent sourcing process and recruiting activities or be limited to services for particular businesses verticals, positions, initiatives, projects and/or geographies.

One aspect to remember, we are not a recruitment agency. Our RPO solution differs greatly from the services offered by staffing companies and recruitment agencies in that we as the RPO provider assume ownership of the collaborative design, the management of the recruitment process and the responsibility of results.

Learn more about Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Recruitment Supplier Management (RSM)

With contractors coming from different sources, it’s easy for companies can end up with a multitude of systems, processes, policies and practices to accommodate this mix.

We help companies by managing all these different systems and processes on your behalf.

HR Outsourcing and Advisory Service

Outsourcing your HR offers an attractive and valuable alternative to in-house staffing. We provide scalability with less expense and offer comprehensive services with lower risk.

Learn more about HR Outsourcing.

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