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Contingent Workforce Solutions

CXC Global has seen a massive increase in the number of corporations around Asia looking to consolidate, streamline, cut cost while managing compliance and employment risk of both contingent and permanent workers. CXC offers a vendor neutral managed service program which can be customized to fulfill your organization’s workforce needs.

As a managed service provider, CXC brings a high level of accountability by applying proven processes to control cost, deliver effective management and build a successful workforce. CXC’s vendor neutral approach has been crucial in building a truly transparent costing model for sourcing, hiring and managing the contingent worker.

We have been hugely successful at 4 things:


CXC’s Vendor Neutral Managed Service Program can provide the following services:

  1. Program Management
  2. Timekeeping Solutions
  3. Consolidated Billing and Invoicing
  4. Reporting and Analytics
  5. Recruitment Supplier Management
  6. Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  7. Contractor Management
  8. Talent Pool Management
  9. VMS Implementation

Let us work with you to create a custom solution which streamlines sourcing, supplier management, talent pool management, and invoicing. Together we can successfully implement a managed service program that meets your needs across Asia.


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