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The employment landscape is Asia is changing rapidly and Recruitment Agencies are increasingly asking for contractor management solutions. Providing vendor neutral contingent workforce solutions across Asia is our core business. We have established offices in 10 countries across Asia and have more than 20 years experience offering regionally compliant solutions.

We understand that your core business is delivering Recruitment Services to your clients. Our function is to deliver compliant contractor management in a comprehensive, seamless and streamlined operation running behind the scenes which allow you to focus on your core business of delivering exceptional service to your clients.

Why work with CXC Global?

Streamlined Service

We understand the urgency of the Contractor recruitment, where the best quality Contractors often need to be sourced and deployed in very tight time frames.

CXC offers:


  1. Minimal administration – we offer a wide range of services to facilitate Contractor deployment. Our local offices will ensure that immigration paperwork is processed impeccably and expeditiously and that your Contractor knows what to expect. Your contractors will feel welcomed and supported by the hospitality offered through our mobility services. Our on-going Contractor Care Management will provide you with timely feedback on both the Contractors job satisfaction and overall well being.
  2. Custom solutions – we don’t believe that one solution fits all, but instead will consult with you to develop solutions that work for you.
  3. Dependability – we are currently delivering Country compliant Contractor Management Solutions to over 20,000 contractors globally.

Knowledgeable Staff

When you work with us, you will feel confident that your Contractors and their employment details are being effectively and professionally dealt with. Our staff are highly skilled and have considerable experience in recruitment and contractor management.


Our local offices stay current with the employment regulations in their countries, reducing employment and payroll risk.

With that in mind, our solutions are:


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