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What is Contingent Workforce?

Using the CXC Global definition, contingent workforce is a labor pool of highly skilled and compensated contractors. This classification of contingent worker is generally interested in project-based work, prioritizes a work-life balance and relishes the opportunity to work in different locales, countries or regions.

What is the employment arrangement for the contingent workforce?

The contingent workforce can be a mix of both local and foreign contractors. Most contingent workforce solutions providers employ professionals on a fixed duration contract who are then deployed as consultants at client sites. This type of employment arrangement in the UK is known as an Umbrella Company. In the United States, it is known as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

As the registered employer, the solutions provider can generally provide Visa and Work Permit assistance, contract negotiation, on boarding, mobility services, contractor care, country compliant payroll and off-boarding.

What types of industries use contingent workforce?

CXC Global commissioned a third party research project on Contingent Workforce penetration in Asia and these are the findings as of March, 2015:

What is Contingent

The IT penetration percentage is worth noting as much of the Contingent Workforce penetration in the other industries is IT related.

Who is in Demand?


The largest percentage of professionals in our sphere are deployed as IT or ITIS consultants across many different industries. The second largest percentage is business analysis/project management consultants. Oil and gas consultants represent the third largest percentage.

Detailed sector analysis in Asia

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