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We understand that your core business is delivering Recruitment Services to your clients. Our function is to deliver compliant contractor management in a comprehensive, seamless and streamlined back office operation allowing you to focus on your core business of delivering exceptional service to your clients.


Our core business is Contractor Management. We offer the full range of compliant Contractor Management solutions. We will consult with you to develop the custom solution that will work for you. Our menu of Contractor Management services start with immigration assistance, On-boarding, insurance coverage (health and Professional Liability), payroll, Contractor Care and finish with Off-boarding.

Learn more about our Contractor Management Services.

Our knowledgeable local staff understand that contractors often need to be deployed in very tight time frames. When you work with use, you will feel confident that your Contractors and their employment details are being effectively and professionally dealt with on a timely basis.

Further, our local offices stay current with the country employment regulations, reducing employment and payroll risk.



The recruitment business is a feast or famine type of business where placements mean commission.

Building a “Professional Contractor” business can help even out commission flow but creating a monthly revenue stream from Contractor Management fee income. Talk to use about how a “Professional Contractor” business is developed.

Our solutions are:


With 10 local offices in Asia, we offer dedicated in-country support. Please contact us to discuss streamlining your Contractor Management and the business case for developing a Professional Contractor business that complements a placement business.

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